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where modern medical science

meets the ancient wisdom of healing.


Primary and Preventive Care is not simply the primary care office you've been searching for, it's a healing center that your mind, body and soul deserves.

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Routine Paps, Ostepoporsis Screen, Menopausal Symptoms, Urinary Tract Infection, Pregnancy Testing, STD Testing, Depression, Anxiety

The human body is the only machine that comes without an owner’s  manual. It can take a lifetime to understand yourself.  

House Calls™ specializes in resident home facilities, onsite, one on one, medical care to limited mobility patients throughout Massachusetts.

Our Early Disease Detection Protocols based on latest scientific data helps us provide you Preventive Care.







"The body has two main components, chemical and spiritual.  I make every attempt to heal both components.  To address this dichotomy, I rely on two very different traditions; modern medical science and ancient healing wisdom. "

Dr. Rafay S. Mehdi


My name is Dr. Rafay S. Mehdi, and I am the Medical Director of Primary  & Preventive Care, Inc.

The human body is an extremely complicated machine that comes without a procedure manual. To me, being a doctor means being a teacher. While I will prescribe appropriate medicine, I believe that it’s important for me to teach you in simple layman’s terms about the human body including your symptoms, your disease process and your medications. Less is often more.

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