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My name is Dr. Rafay S. Mehdi, and I am the Medical Director of Primary  & Preventive Care, Inc.

At Primary & Preventive Care, the wisdom of modern medical science meets the ancient wisdom of healing.

The human body is an extremely complicated machine that comes without a procedure manual. To me, being a doctor means being a teacher. While I will prescribe appropriate medicine, I believe that it’s important for me to teach you in simple layman’s terms about the human body including your symptoms, your disease process and your medications.

Less is often more. The body has two main components, chemical and spiritual.  I make every attempt to heal both components.  To address this dichotomy, I rely on two very different traditions; modern medical science and ancient healing wisdom. Skillfully interweaving the best of both of these traditions allows me to treat my patients holistically, helping them to be active partners in their treatment and recovery.

I grew up watching the popular television series, Little House on the Prairie. The Ingalls family may have been poor in material wealth, but they were rich in values depicting Positive Energy.  They epitomized a family that was old fashioned, hard working, innocent, organic, kind and very down to earth. In contrast, there was the Olson’s family; spoiled, overweight, and unkind; all values depicting Negative Energy. Is it any wonder they were not so well liked?

Primary and Preventive Care is very much like The Little House on the Prairie. We strive to operate with the same intensity, integrity and devotion that the founding fathers used to forge and run this great country.  I personally admire those founding fathers, who used their higher consciousness to give us a constitution that governs over 300 million people of different race, color and origin allowing us all to live, work and celebrate life in a peaceful way under one system of democracy.

America is a country where dreams do come true. I feel I am living proof of the American Dream! I came to this country with 75 dollars in my pocket, without friends, family or a job.  I worked very hard; working my way day and night using the same system that was envisioned by the founding fathers of this country.

Primary and Preventive Care is not simply a primary care office, it is a healing center that your mind, body and soul has not only searched for, but deserves.


My family comes from the East, with our healing traditions dating back many centuries.  Additionally, I was trained in Internal Medicine at Boston University, and I have served as a clinical instructor in medicine and faculty member at the Harvard Medical School Department of Medicine.  I have also undertaken preventive medicine training at a Yale University affiliated program.  As a result of this rich background of medical knowledge, I have learned that effective treatments consists in treating the whole patient, as opposed to just the symptoms or just the disease.

First, I always try to determine if I can use natural, evidence based treatments. If those are not successful – we can always try prescribing medications. But, first let’s try holistic and natural remedies for some acute, chronic physiological and psychological illnesses.


I also like my patients to have access to me. This is why my patients have my personal cell phone number. A Luxury that only used to be availible to those who pay over-blown fees to concierge medical doctors. I tell all my patients, “Call me if you need me – calling me is like calling a family member.”

In the past seven years, I have performed over 50,000 medical exams. I have treated patients not only from the Boston area, but also many patients come from around the country.

The success of PPC would not be possible without a highly devoted, loving, caring staff that have been with me for many years. This includes Maureen, Jessica, Briana, & Erich.

We all warmly welcome you to Primary and Preventive Care. We’re pleased and proud to have you as a member of the PPC family!


  • Dr. Rafay S. Mehdi is a primary care physician in Boston, USA

  • Fr. Clinical Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, USA

  • Internal Medicine Boston at University School of Medicine, USA

  • Preventive medicine at Yale University, USA

  • Brain Research associate at the brain Research institute at UCLA, USA

  • Clinical instructor for the Nurse Practitioner at Boston College and Simmons College

  • Staff Physician at New England Baptist Hospital, USA

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency at Spaulding Rehab Center, USA

  • Staff Physician at South Shore Hospital and later a staff physician at Brockton Hospital, USA

  • Dr. Mehdi is a medical director at Primary and Preventive Care in Hanover, MA

  • Over the last ten years, Dr. Mehdi has attended over 85,000 medical visits. He is founder and CEO of an Assisted Living Services brand called House Calls in Boston, USA

  • Dr Mehdi is the winner of the Patients Choice Award

  • Dr. Mehdi is fluent in English, Spanish, Urdu, Russian and has started learning Chinese.

  • Dr Mehdi has been working as a consultant for multiple retirement living facilities in the US for the past 15 years.

  • Since 2006 Dr Mehdi has been featured on the lecture circuit at the major retirement and Asissted living facilities such as Wingate, Sunrise, Emeritus, Allerton House and Benchmark

  • Since 2006 Dr Mehdi has been conducting research on retirement living facilities in China in multiple cities such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, Hungzhou, Hunan province, and most recently Nanjing

  • Dr Mehdi research regarding the disabled in China and Physical Medicine feasibility is an ongoing research.

  • This research and experience focuses on economics of Physical Medicine for disabled elderly in retirement homes as an added value proposition.

  • Additionally, Dr Mehdi has been privately consulting with and advising retirees in these cities. Each consultation is done to optimize the 7 dimensions of the retirees health: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Sexual, and Occupational.

  • This has helped Chinese retirees and elderly maintain their lifestyles, their psyche, and optimize their health and well-being in the realm of primary and preventive care.

  • Dr Mehdi has developed meaningful insights into the similarities and differences between the Chinese and American models for retirement living.

  • These experiences have given Dr Mehdi a unique perspective on which components of the American retirement living system will work in China and which will fail.

  • Dr Mehdi also has also given a series of highly regarded and entertaining lectures to Assisted Living residents in the US, and a separate series of lectures geared toward sibling of assisted living residents. Dr Mehdi is a highly sought after public speaker on topics such as safely aging, alternative and herbal medicine, acupuncture, and music therapy.

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