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The human body is the only machine that comes without an owner’s  manual. It can take a lifetime to understand yourself.  We are all designed by Mother Nature to be healthy and strong, but there are significant “NEGATIVE ENERGIES” that lessen your health and peace of mind.


I will teach you how to find  “POSITIVE ENERGIES” to unleash the peaceful warrior in you. 


This will win your battles, but still keep you kind and gentle. There is a Monk [peaceful] Warrior [winner] in all of us! A forward moving, science based, positive energy centered health care care system. It helps you develop instantly all 7 dimensions of your health.

PHYSICAL- Loose Weight, Loose waist line, Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood sugar, Lower Body Fat, Increase Muscle Mass, Increase Muscle Strength, Increase Flexibility, Increase Physical Energy [Stamina]. All now within your reach.


INTELLECTUAL- Increase Focus, Increase Brain Power, Eliminate Stress, Efficiently handle Brain Energy, Increase Productivity At Work, Learn to Relax Brain,Increase Mental Power.

EMOTIONAL- Learn to increase your emotional IQ, Learn to handle-Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Sexual Dysfunction, Mood disorders. How many times have you said “I wish I would have been calmer and not over-reacted." Learn how to take charge of your emotions. Learn how to get rid of Negative Emotions.

SPIRITUAL-Learn how to find your Spiritual Rope. If you have one already learn how to strengthen it, so it withstands and protects you from any tsunami of life. Spirituality is more then performing a ritual. I will help you find your spirituality and if you already have one I will help you to connect better and deeper so it can be healing to your Mind, Body and Soul.

SEXUAL- Sexual Energy is powerful. It is this energy that facilitated your pro-creation. While we all are toilet trained from childhood only few of us if any are trained to handle sexual energy. Your sexual dimension of health is not only a mere act of sexual activity. You will learn that it is more then that. You will learn a powerful tool of Sublimation [one of the 11 defense mechanism used by the human brain universally]. Where you will learn to channel your sexual energy towards the success of your current project.

SOCIAL- Learn how to develop Personal Branding & Charisma. This will help you develop more friends, strengthen your relationships and bring success in your professional and personal life.


OCCUPATIONAL- We spend more hours per week at work and with co-workers then with our family members and loved ones. Negative energy people can drain you and have a negative effect on your life resulting in drinking, smoking, over-eating, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Using ancient principles of success, and modern scientific developments of human behavior and the human mind, I will teach you how to cope with difficult co-workers. How to turn the draining negative energy of work into a daily positive energy experience.


I have already successfully helped develop all 7 dimensions for several thousand people world-wide from all walks of life. I can do the same for you!

It has been my pleasure taking care of you at Primary and Preventive Care for the past several years. During your office visits, I have tried to spend as much extra time as possible to listen to your issues and help find solutions that can optimize your physical and mental health. As a result, I am happy to hear that many of you were able to achieve your goals, whether it was losing weight, smoking cessation, sleeping better, reducing current medication amounts and better general overall health.

I strongly believe prevention is better than cure. During a routine doctor office visit, it is simply not possible to spend as much time on prevention as needed. But to me, this is the most important part of your overall health. Unfortunately, with our current health care system, it sometimes doesn’t allow us the time to look at the whole person. There is so much more to your health and well being than what is discussed in an office visit setting. There just isn’t enough time to really talk deeply about how to create solutions and describe the layers and dimensions of mental, physical and spiritual health. So after the suggestions of several patients, I have developed this seminar so that we can spend 2 hours together to help you have a better understanding of yourself.


Why am I qualified to help?

In addition to being a medical doctor, I have a unique background- I was fortunate to be born into a family where  work in holistic medicine and science dates back several generations. I have traveled around the world, lived in 3 continents and speak 5 languages fluently. I have had a lifelong interest in mind and body development. I also have extensive experiences in meeting, listening and treating over 5000 patients per year.  I feel I have been able to identify ways that can help you live a healthy and very fulfilling life.


7 Dimensions 

Your health constitutes 7 dimensions: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Sexual and Occupational.

Just as music can be better appreciated with a surround sound 7-speaker system, satisfying health can be achieved the same way by addressing all 7 dimensions of your health


I want to share a heartwarming story from a chance meeting-

Recently, I was approached at the local store and a woman asked if I am Dr Mehdi. I was surprised that she knew me by name since she was not my patient. She said “I just want to thank you for taking care of my husband. Last year, before he became your patient, our house did not have any peace or love. My husband was self destructive and abusive. He had newly diagnosed high blood pressure with high blood sugar and high cholesterol along with depression. His previous doctor put him on a pill for each problem. He was getting worse. My neighbors told me about you and I asked him to make an appointment with you”.


She continued….

“Now it has been one year since he met you, he has lost weight, his blood pressure is normal, his blood sugar and cholesterol are normal, he is neither depressed, nor abusive or self destructive…there is love and peace in our house thanks to you”.


This patient had been to my seminar and followed up for an individualized work-shop and was able to optimize all of his 7 health dimensions.


If you are serious about losing weight, would enjoy sleeping better, preventing disease, having a happy & peaceful family and personal life, having success in the workplace, safely reducing the amount of medication used, then sign up today with the receptionist.

I look forward to helping you.


For Group Sessions [I keep the class very small so you still get individualized attention] Sunday’s,  3pm – 6pm for groups. 


For Individual Sessions, One on One. Please Click Contact to arrange 8 total Sessions. Session one is to develop a detailed blue print of your 7 Dimensions and then each day we work on one dimension. In the past I have accommodated out of the state and very busy individuals weekend Friday Eve [one session of 4 hours], Saturday 3 hour each sessions [total 3 sessions per day] and Sunday [total 3 sessions per day].  


Other individuals have bought my time for one year where they have full access to me 24/7/365, in person, phone, email, sms. 

Thank You

Rafay Mehdi MD

Medical Director

Primary & Preventive Care Inc.

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